Cobra Remote Manual Mini Roof

  • Lightweight aluminum construction
  • Compact design
  • Aspirated and non-aspirated nozzles

The Feecon Remote Manual R.I.V. Roof Turret is a compact, low flow, aluminum turret for use in discharging foam solution or water at flow rates from 75 GPM (285 LPM) to 500 GPM (1900 LPM). The turret is controlled and aimed by the operator from within the vehicle cab.

The Feecon Remote Manual R.I.V. Roof Turret is designed for easy installation into a vehicle cab roof using a predrilled flat panel and a grooved water inlet connection. The compact design installs easily in many current one-ton size vehicle cab roofs.

Turret discharge is controlled by a push-button switch, located at the end of the directional control handle, which actuates a customer supplied discharge valve solenoid. The discharge pattern, fan/straight stream, is manually controlled by the Pattern Control Handle. The fan/straight stream capability allows the operator to change the discharge pattern from full fan to a straight stream without shutting off flow.

This turret is capable of 60° elevation, 15° depression and may be rotated 105° left or right of center.

A storage lock is provided in the vehicle cab which enables the operator to lock the turret in place during transport or when the turret is not in use.

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