In Line Balanced Pressure Systems

ILBP Proportioning Systems allow the selection of either foam or water to every discharge device within the foam system. Monitor or nozzle systems can be switched from foam flow to water flow, water flow to foam flow, or shutdown completely without affecting the correct proportioning of the other discharging devices.

The ILBP Proportioning System consists of two main groups of components. The first group is the proportioning modules, which controls the actual proportioning of the foam concentrate into the water line. The second group is the pump system, which supplies foam concentrate under pressure to the modules.

The In-Line Balanced Pressure Proportioning Module is used in ILBP Proportioning Systems to provide accurate proportioning at multiple locations remote from the foam concentrate pump system and storage tank. ILBP modules are available in wafer, threaded, or flange style. An integral check valve is available on the wafer and threaded style modules.

Pressure Sustaining Valve
The Pressure Sustaining Valve is utilized within an ILBP Proportioning System to maintain a preset foam concentrate discharge pressure to the remotely installed ILBP module(s) automatically.

Diaphragm Valve – Pressure Reducing
Pressure Reducing Diaphragm Valves are in-line balanced pressure regulating devices designed to balance the foam concentrate pressure to the water pressure at the ratio controller inlet.

Jockey Pump
The Foam Concentrate Jockey Pump is used in ILBP Proportioning Systems to maintain pressure on the foam concentrate discharge line that supplies the remotely installed ILBP module(s). The jockey pump provides compliance with NFPA to insure the integrity of the foam concentrate piping with regard to piping installed underground or piping above ground exceeding 50 feet.


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