Fire protection wherever it is needed

National Foam products are specially designed for the protection of life and property in a wide range of applications. Our extensive experience over many years of supplying firefighting equipment and foam concentrates to numerous high risk applications means that we are able to provide effective solutions to any fire hazard.

National Foam’s foam concentrates and foam equipment provide highly effective protection for petrochemical oil and gas process plants. The availability of a wide range of protein and synthetic foam types, with their high performance extinguishing capabilities, and resistance to fuel contamination, mean that the most effective foam formulation can be supplied to provide optimum fire suppression to protect any hazard. Universal Gold foam is one of our premiere foam concentrates, and is the industry standard for fighting hydrocarbon and water-soluble flammable liquids. Our foam concentrates can be used with a wide range of foam discharge devices such as foam chambers, foam makers, sprinklers, nozzles and monitors. National Foam products provide a high level of confidence and safety for fire fighters in all emergency situations, and are relied on in a variety of industries that include:

  • Petroleum, Oil, & Gas
  • Aircraft and Rescue Firefighting
  • Forestry Applications
  • Municipal
  • Marine
  • Chemical Processing/ Industrial
  • Training
  • California SB1044 State Legislation Press Release

    California SB1044 State Legislation Press Release

    National Foam announced today that it will discontinue the sale of all PFAS based foam concentrates into the State of ...

  • COVID-19


    We are open for business, receiving orders, manufacturing products, and shipping to customers worldwide. However, in light of the circumstances ...

  • FDIC 2020 - Postponed

    FDIC 2020 – Postponed

    FDIC 2020 postponed due to COVID-19. National Foam fully supports the decision and will be exhibiting at FDIC 2021. ...