National Foam supports municipal, institutional and corporate firefighting organizations with a broad array of proven firefighting technology, equipment, foam, hose and support services. National Foam’s unique combination of technical expertise in rubber and textile technology (fire hose), speciality chemicals (foam concentrates) and engineering design (fire fighting equipment) has enabled it to achieve numerous technological “firsts”:

2016 – Transformation of entire foam range from C8 to C6 technology, whilst maintaining same approvals and combine improved firefighting performance with reduced environmental impact.
2016 – Automated Touch Screen PLC controls on Big Flow systems
2011 – First Portable Foam System delivered flowing greater than 10,000 GPM
2010 – First Marine Assault Unit
2007 – First environmentally responsible high expansion foam and generator set
2006 – First Triton-6,000 GPM water supply submersible pump system
2004 – First Neptune- 6,000 GPM water supply pump system
2000 – First Iron Man-10,000-12,000 GPM water cannon
1999 – First Dominator-portable 5,000 GPM pump
1997 – New selectable aspirating/non-aspirating foam nozzle
1995 – First environmentally responsible foam concentrates
1991 – Introduction of Universal Gold first patented 1 X 3% AR-AFFF
1982 – First Servo command foam proportioning system
1979 – First foam training school
First fire modeling lab for evaluation of foam performance
1973 – First foam AR-AFFF
1969 – The first oscillating monitor
First emergency response service
1965 – First FluoroProtein foam
1964 – First Patented High Back Pressure Foam Maker
1963 – First Foam fire apparatus with automatic balanced pressure proportioning
1960 – First Dual agent truck for both foam and dry chemical
1955 – First large-capacity foam nozzle, monitor
First hydraulic foam tower
1952 – First foam-water sprinkler system
1948 – First complete mechanical foam fire protections systems
1933 – First polar solvent foam
1928 – First U.S. manufacturer of firefighting foam – National Foam System, Incorporated
1903 – First front wheel drive fire apparatus introduced
1859 – First cotton fire hose and expansion coupling
1819 – First U.S. manufacturer of fire hose