Big Flow Systems

High Capacity Mobile Firefighting

The National Foam Big Flow System is a mobile, pumping system that is capable of feeding high capacity water over extremely long distances. The system comprises a high flow monitor, a number of high capacity water/foam pumping options, large diameter hose and hose deployment devices which in combination provide versatility and superior range to attack hazards from a safe and effective distance.

At the heart of the Big Flow System is the Iron Man high capacity monitor.  The Iron Man is a trailered foam and water delivery unit capable of various flows with interchangeable tips up to 10,000 gpm with ranges in excess of 400 feet depending on conditions. The Iron Man Nozzle is capable of changing its stream pattern from straight stream to semi-fog via an integral hydraulic patterned control system. Read more about Iron Man.


The most commonly used pumps in the Big Flow System are Neptune, Dominator and Triton.

The pumping systems available are Neptune, Dominator and Triton.

The Neptune is an integrated, transportable pumping module capable of pumping water at 3,000-6,000gpm at 150 psi. Neptune integrates two floating satellite pumps that supply water to a main pump from distances up to 150 feet. The satellite pumps provide up to 50 feet of vertical lift inclusive of 150 feet total distance allowing greater access to more water sources compared to standard suction lift pumps which are typically limited to 20 feet horizontal and 6 feet vertical.  Read more about Neptune.

The Dominator is a more conventional drafting pump system consisting of a large diesel engine, a large split case pump and a vacuum system on the manifold that allows the pump to pump from draft offering mobile high flow response, flexible and fast connectivity, high performance pumping, simple operation and durability. Flow range includes 1500 GPM, 3000 GPM, 5000 GPM and 6000 GPM. Read more about Dominator.

The Triton pumping system eliminates the need to pump from draft and dramatically increases the area in which primary pumps can be deployed and operated due to its size and capabilities. Offered in flow rates of 3,000-6,000 gpm, the Triton can deliver water to any pump from distances up to
150 feet away and 50 feet below inclusive. Read more about Triton.


The hose used in the Big Flow System is Super Aquaduct, a flexible layflat large diameter hose available in 8″, 10″, 12″ diameters. HP Super Aquaduct offers improved abrasion resistance and higher ambient temperature operation.

Other components of the Big Flow System are retrieval products such as pods, reelers, flaking boxes as well as various manifolds.  The illustration above shows how a typical system could be configured.

The National Foam Big Flow system can also be used in flood relief as it is capable of pumping large volumes of water away from flooded residential and critical infrastructure areas.