Terminator II

The Terminator II takes high capacity portable monitors to a new level of performance. This latest generation offers significant enhancements in operation and foam performance. Portability and quick setup make the Terminator II the best fire fighting monitor package available anywhere.  The Terminator II is designed for use with pre-mixed foam solution, however, the unit is configured for remote foam concentrate pick-up using jet pump(s).

Terminator Portable MonitorDesigned for quick set up and smooth, easy operation the Terminator II features a weight balanced trailer, which permits movement and positioning by two people, even in congested areas. This means if redeployment is required, reconnecting to a towing vehicle is not necessary. The innovative stabilizer system provides for quick setup since there are only two leveling jacks to deploy. The extendable rear outriggers have a unique self leveling feature that automatically adjusts for up to 10” (254 mm) of uneven ground between them. Simply slide out the two outriggers, and level the unit by adjusting the front stabilizer jacks.