Balance Pressure Proportioner

  • Proven design
  • No electronics or flow meters
  • Each discharge can be independently operated for
  • Maximum versatility

The Feecon Balanced Pressure Proportioning System is a foam concentrate proportioning system designed to be utilized on a fire fighting vehicle. In this system, a diaphragm type pressure control valve keeps the foam concentrate and the water pressures balanced by allowing excess foam concentrate to return to the foam concentrate storage tank. This proportioning is automatic for flows within the operating limits of the foam concentrate pump and the discharges.

The discharge connections from the water pump are equipped with individual proportioners. These proportioners work in conjunction with variable percentage metering valves. Selection and setting of the metering valves allows operation for foam solution application.

The Feecon balanced pressure system provides the option of foam and/or water at every discharge equipped with a proportioner. Once the percentage (foam concentration) is set, the system automatically maintains that percentage as the flows change. Each outlet is independently controlled so that any combination of water or different percentages of foam is possible for each discharge.