Gladiator Nozzles


The range of Gladiator Nozzles include:


  • Excellent stream range and quality
  • SelectAir™ adjustable aspiration for optimum foam quality
  • Ring jet injection for complete foam mixing
  • Maximum nozzle performance with minimum foam stream fallout
  • Compatible with all major types of foam concentrates
  • Stream pattern fully adjustable
  • Excellent water fog pattern suitable for vapor cloud mitigation
  • Nozzle can be used without the pickup tube

The Gladiator® nozzle represents the latest advancement in foam fire fighting nozzle technology and delivers the most effective fire attack flexibility and performance. The Gladiator is the first self educting nozzle designed for foam or water with the ability to deliver quality foam with any foam concentrate.

Prior to introduction of the Gladiator, firefighters had to compromise between poor foam quality of a water nozzle or the inferior stream range delivered by an excellent aspirating foam nozzle.

Now you can have it all in a single package; nozzle range combined with excellent foam quality. The revolutionary design and unique foam producing characteristics make the Gladiator suitable for use with most types of foam concentrates; protein, fluoroprotein, AFFF, and AR-AFFF. The Gladiator’s unique Ring Jet™ foam injection system and Air Tunnel™ design combined with its discharge straightening vanes provide consistent foam mixing resulting in excellent foam quality and stream performance.

Although the Gladiator® can be adapted for use as a direct foam pickup nozzle it is specifically designed to be used with a remotely located jet pump proportioner.