F60P Nozzle

Handline Foam Nozzle


  • Air aspirating for use with all foam concentrates
  • Lightweight and portable for mobility
  • Corrosion resistant brass and stainless steel
  • Operates with fresh or seawater
  • Self-educting, requires no proportioner

The F60P nozzle is an air aspirating handline nozzle designed to maximize mobility and fire fighting capability. The self-educting feature eliminates the need for a separate proportioner, which allows foam operation wherever a water supply is available. The fully aspirating design provides superior performance compared to non-aspirating nozzles by maximizing foam expansion and 25% drainage life.

The F60P can be used wherever manual application of foam is required; tank farms, process units, chemical plants, loading racks, fixed foam system hydrants, hose reels, etc. The corrosion resistant materials are designed to withstand harsh marine environments for shipboard and offshore fire fighting. The rugged construction and simple, reliable performance make it ideal for Aircraft Rescue and Fire Fighting (ARFF) and municipal fire departments.

The air aspirating design makes the F60P suitable for use with all types of low expansion foam concentrates; protein, fluoroprotein, AFFF, and AR-AFFF.

The F60P can be used with all types of external proportioning equipment including line proportioners (inline eductors). The compatible inline eductor is the National Foam HLP-6 series.