JS Nozzles

Handline Foam Nozzles

JS-6 Handline Foam Nozzles
JS-10 Handline Foam Nozzles

  • Air Aspirating for use with all foam concentrates
  • Lightweight and portable for mobility
  • Variable spray or straight stream control
  • Rugged aluminum or brass construction
  • Operates with fresh or sea water

The JS-6 and JS-10 series nozzles are air aspirating hand line nozzles designed to maximize mobility and fire fighting capability. The fully aspirating design provides superior performance by maximizing foam expansion and 25% drainage life. Increasing expansion and 25% drainage life produces the most effective, long lasting foam blanket. The superior performance of the JS nozzles is utilized by firefighting profession- als around the world to optimize their capabilities. Its performance makes it one of most popular foam nozzles used by other foam manufacturers to pass the stringent Underwriters Laboratories testing.

The JS-6 or JS-10 can be used wherever manual application of foam is required; tank farms, process units, chemical plants, loading racks, fixed foam system hydrants, hose reels, etc. The corrosion resistant materials are designed to withstand harsh environments for a long service life. The rugged construction and simple, reliable performance make it ideal for Aircraft Rescue and Fire Fighting (ARFF) and municipal fire departments.

The air aspirating design makes the JS series nozzles suitable for use with all low expansion foam concentrates; pro- tein, fluoroprotein, AFFF, and AR-AFFF. JS nozzles can be used with all types of foam proportioning equipment.