Balanced Pressure Proportioning Systems

Balanced Pressure Proportioning Systems utilize a foam concentrate pump and a diaphragm-operated pressure balancing valve to provide the correct foam concentrate injection percentage automatically. It is the most frequently used method of proportioning foam concentrate into the water stream because of its versatility and accuracy.

Balanced Pressure Proportioning Skid
Balanced Pressure Proportioning Systems are the most common type of foam proportioning systems because of their versatility and accuracy. These systems are skid mounted fixed units which are capable of providing foam protection to all types of hazards on land and are also excellent for various marine applications. Skid mounting allows the complete proportioning system to be assembled on a common base ready for installation into the customer’s water supply main.

Diaphragm Valve – Back Pressure Regulating
Back Pressure Regulating Diaphragm Valves are an integral part of the balanced pressure proportioning type system. The valves are designed to balance the foam concentrate pressure to the water pressure at the ratio controller inlet by controlling the foam concentrate pressure at the inlet of the valve. Balance is achieved by regulating the volume of foam concentrate discharged back to the concentrate storage tank.