The Neptune Pumping System is a single, integrated, diesel powered mobile pumping module capable of pumping up to 5,000 gpm at 150 psi discharge pressure. The Neptune utilizes two hydraulically driven, floating satellite supply pumps to provide water to a main pump mounted on the module. The satellite pumps are stored in the rear of the module for transport but can be located at distances up to 150 ft from the main pump when deployed. In addition, the floating supply pumps can provide up to 50 ft of vertical lift. This operational functionality increases tactical flexibility of pumping operations in two primary areas.

The Neptune Pump design also permits the floating submersible pumps to be operated independently of the Neptune module. This capability allows the pumps to supply water directly to devices other than Neptune. The main pump, powered by a direct drive diesel engine, can deliver 5000 gpm of water at a discharge pressure of 150 psi for fire fighting support or water transfer.