PC-31 Nozzle



  • High Capacity, air aspirating, monitor mounted foam nozzle.
  • Excellent foam production with Protein, Fluroprotein, AFFF & AR-AFFF type foams
  • Lightweight aluminum construction or brass for superior corrosion resistance and wear
  • Superior nozzle reach allows safe placement remote from the hazard
  • Suitable for operating pressures from 50 PSI to 200 PSI (3.5 Bar to 13.8 Bar)
  • Fully adjustable straight stream/spray pattern option
  • Self-eduction option

The PC-31 Air Aspirating Foam Nozzle is a lightweight, rugged performer designed to maximize flexibility and fire fighting capability. It is designed to be mounted on fixed or portable monitors but can also be used as a portable hand held nozzle. The air aspirating design produces superior foam with all foam types, resulting in increased expansion and longer drainage times than with non-air aspirating type nozzles. This results in premium foam blanket performance and stability for safer operation. Nozzle is normally provided with a straight stream discharge pattern. An optional spray attachment can be added to provide a pattern which is adjustable from full spray to straight stream, allowing the operator precise control of the foam application. The nozzle will flow 310 GPM (1174 LPM) @ 150 PSI (10.3 Bar) inlet pressure. The nozzle can be pro- vided in lightweight aluminum or corrosion resistant brass with fused polyester powder coated finish, which provides UV protection and superior corrosion resistance even on aluminum nozzles.

The nozzle can be provided with an optional self-educting feature allowing foam concentrate to be drawn directly from pails, drums, or tanks. Since the PC-31 is designed as a foam nozzle, stream range is not impaired when using the self-educting feature.