Water Powered Ball Valves

  • Suitable for use with all foam concentrates.
  • Water Inlet Strainer provided to keep debris from obstructing the supply line.
  • Valve may be operated with pressures as low as 30 PSI (2 BAR).
  • Corrosion resistant materials of construction.
  • Ease of operation for manual override.
  • Automatic foam discharge capability without expen- sive control logic.
  • Open & Closed positions clearly marked and easily identifiable.

The water powered ball valve is designed for use in foam proportioning systems where automatic foam concentrate discharge is required. Actuation is accomplished by using the pressurized water supply as the actuation agent thus allowing operation of the valve without any additional power or control signal.

The pressurized water enters the water powered ball valve assembly through a ¼” FNPT inlet, passes through a wye strainer and is directed through a run of hose to the valve actuating cylinder. As the pressurized water enters the cylinder the piston and rod assembly are forced the full internal travel of the cylinder body. The piston and rod assembly in turn operates a clevis that is connected to the ball valve operating handle by a quick release pin. When the cylinder piston and rod have reached the end of their stroke, the ball valve is fully open. The pressurized water source can be supplied from the ratio controller sensing port or the alarm line of a deluge or alarm check valve thereby allowing operation to be initiated by the system water control valve or pres- surization of the system. After operation, the valve must be manually closed.

The water powered ball valve assembly is capable of manual override by simply disengaging the cylinder from the ball valve. Remove the quick release pin from the rod clevis and the valve is ready for manual operation or resetting. On systems were the water line is pressurized at all times, the water powered ball valve can still be used to control the foam concentrate discharge valve by the addition of a solenoid valve. The solenoid valve allows positive shutoff of the pressurized water source until energized by a remote signal.