Fluorine Free Firefighting Foam Facility Expansion

Firefighting Markets – Industrial, Chemical, Oil & Gas and Municipal

Angier, North Carolina – January 25, 2021 – National Foam announced this week the completion of its fluorine free foam manufacturing line expansion in Angier, North Carolina. This expansion, along with ongoing product initiatives, is designed to support the growing shift to synthetic fluorine free foam concentrates. “We have substantially increased our fluorine free foam production to meet the rapidly growing demand in the marketplace,” said Bobby Nelson, General Manager. Mr. Nelson went on to say, “With this new expansion National Foam is well positioned to meet the needs of municipal and industrial users in North America, South America and beyond.”

With the new administration expected to enact PFAS legislation, U.S. chemical, POG manufacturers and warehouse facilities look to convert legacy foam sprinkler systems to fluorine free systems. National Foam is ready for this anticipated change and offers a proven step-by-step conversion process that supports end-users throughout this foam concentrate and hardware transition which has already been completed by some of the largest and most recognized chemical and POG companies in the world.

National Foam is one of the few firefighting foam manufacturers that utilizes a dedicated fluorine free foam manufacturing line in the U.S., eliminating potential cross contamination from other foam concentrates. The National Foam range of fluorine free foam concentrates offers the most third party listings in the marketplace. “We’ve seen many claims about fluorine free foams in the markets we serve,” said Philip Novac, Product Manager. These National Foam synthetic fluorine free concentrates are 100% biodegradable as well as GreenScreen™ certified. GreenScreen chemical hazard assessments require a comprehensive toxicological review of 18 human health and environmental hazard endpoints.

Universal F3 Green – U.L. Listed hydrocarbon and polar solvent foam concentrate specifically formulated for fixed systems and fuel in depth fires.

Avio F3 Green ICAO C – ICAO “C” film-forming fluorine free foam for containing flammable Jet A and Jet A1 aviation fuel.

Muni F3 Green Plus – U.L. listed superior synthetic fluorine free foam concentrate engineered for municipal firefighters facing high risk situations including E15 gasolines.

Muni F3 Green – U.L. listed synthetic fluorine free foam concentrate designed for municipal and rural firefighting.

For more information about National Foam fluorine free foam concentrates or the legacy foam conversion process please visit our website https://nationalfoam.com/foam-concentrates/sfff-fluorine-free-foam/ or contact your local sales representative.

About National Foam
National Foam is a recognized leader in firefighting foams and systems, which end-users have come to rely on. Capabilities include R&D, custom system design, field technical support, foam concentrates and foam hardware for fixed and mobile response systems. National Foam supports customers over a wide range of sectors including major oil and petrochemical companies, international airports, military bases, power stations, harbors and ports, and local municipal fire and rescue services.

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