Industrial Fire School

March 19-21, 2024

TEEX Fire Field, College Station, TX 77845, United States



  • Certified Instructor
  • Legacy and Fluorine Free foam emphasis
  • Discuss New Firefighting Foam Legislation
  • Case study review and discussion
  • One Day Classroom
  • Two Days Live Fire Training

What Will You Learn?


  • Changing firefighting foam legislation (State and Federal)
  • What is PFAS (PFOA/PFOS)? Why did we go from C8 – C6 – SFFF (F3)?
  • C6 VS SFFF (F3) foam chemistry (What is the difference?)
  • Applying C6 and SFFF (F3) on same fire – Are different foam solutions compatible?
  • Does SFFF (F3) work? – How do we know it works? – Where is the proof?
  • How does SFFF (F3) foam solution seal/vapor suppress without film forming?
  • Why did foam go from C6 1% X 3% to SFFF (F3) 3% X 3% ?(Why do we think 3% will work on Polar Solvents versus 6%?)
  • Chemicals of high concern PFHxA now a concern (phase out of C6)


  • Define what application rate is
  • Type II, III application methods
  • Application rate for C6 versus SFFF (F3), why is it different
  • Define density, what is it
  • Logistics (water and foam requirements)


  • Tank type III
  • Spill fire (tank and dike, truck rack, roll over)
  • Crude oil (why is this special)
  • Land based Marine (fresh and salt water)


  • How to protect? How does it work?
  • Tank and Dike
  • Loading Rack
  • Sprinkler System
  • Fixed Perimeter System (Oscillating Monitors)

PORTABLE SYSTEMS: (Strategy and tactics – how to use them, what are they for)

  • How to identify correct equipment such as:
  • Pumps
  • Monitors
  • Guns
  • Eductors
  • Proportioners


  • Preplan – what to know about your facility
  • Size-up – Real time assessment
  • Strategy – Rescue, exposure, contain/confine, extinguish protocol (RECEO).  Water supply, foam supply
  • other assigned resources
  • Tactics – Task oriented, putting it all to work
  • Command – Roles and functions

INCIDENT REVIEW: (Real life examples of SFFF (F3) in use)

Two days of live fire training – All live fire field exercises will be conducted using approved TEEX training foam


More information on preferred hotel choices to come.

Bunker gear is not provided, however, Delta Fire and Safety can assist: 

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