Foam Testing Kit



National Foam Technical Service Laboratory has offered a premier foam analysis service for many decades, using our foam testing kit. Foam testing is crucial in ensuring that stocks of foam concentrate held in long-term storage are in good condition when they are needed to put out a fire. NFPA-11 recommends that all foam systems and concentrates shall be thoroughly inspected and checked for proper operation annually. The inspection shall include performance evaluation of the foam concentrate and shall confirm that the product meets the manufacturer’s specifications. It is impossible to tell if foam concentrate is of operational quality by smelling it, looking at it in its drum, or touching the finished foam blanket. Foam users around the world submit samples of foam concentrate to the award winning National Foam Foam Testing Service as part of their regular maintenance programs.

Teams of highly qualified scientists and technicians in modern, purpose-built laboratories analyze samples of all types of foam to the highest standards. With knowledge and experience of evaluating foam samples gained over many years, National Foam staff are uniquely placed to interpret the results and provide reliable recommendations about the suitability of foam for use in an emergency. Analytical chemistry laboratories that do not specialize in fire fighting foam testing are unable to offer such specialist expertise. The results are reported quickly with a comprehensive test report.

We offer free of charge Sample Kits for our Foam Testing Service.  To order your Sample Kit, email us stating your company, contact name, address, contact number and email address with your comments. We look forward to hearing from you.