New Foam Manufacturing Facility

National Foam will be opening a new, state-of-the art foam manufacturing and blending facility in Q4 of 2015. This facility will be located in Angier, North Carolina. The new facility will allow National Foam to meet increased demand for its foam products both domestically and internationally. The current facility in West Chester, Pennsylvania will close after a suitable transition period in 2016. National Foam’s engineering, proposals, and other functional teams will remain in the greater Exton, Pennsylvania area and continue to operate in a new facility.

Paul Williams, Managing Director of National Foam, stated, “We have outgrown the current facility in West Chester which has served National Foam and its customers well for over 70 years. The new facility allows us to improve our operations, expand our research and product development capability, and significantly improve our overall efficiency.” Mr. Williams went on to say that the new foam facility will be co-located with the largest US based facility in Angier, North Carolina.

“We also want our customers to know that this facility will be dedicated to producing our new C6 foam formulations and the plant, its equipment, and operational layout was designed specifically with that in mind. Since the new facility will be commissioned on the C6 formulations, our customers can be assured that National Foam will be at the forefront of delivering compliant foams to meet all relevant regulatory and listing requirements”, stated Mr. Williams.

Bobby Nelson, National Foam’s new General Manager added, “This new foam facility is another in a series of key strategic investments that the organization has made, and will continue to make, to bring our customers the best foams and firefighting products in the industry. Our customers desire the best, most effective products to protect their property, plants, people and investments. We believe this new facility will allow us to continue a long legacy of high performance products that National Foam delivers to its loyal customers.

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