High Expansion Foam Generators

  • Five different models available.
  • No outside source of power required – only the foam solution under pressure.
  • UL Listed ranges from 2,500 cfm to 28,500 cfm depend- ing on unit selected and inlet pressure.
  • Largest UL Listed operating pressures between 40 psi and 100 psi.
  • Stainless steel screen.
  • Easy installation with units capable of being mounted and used in the horizontal or vertical configuration.
  • Foam solution piping and discharge nozzle are of open design allowing passage of particles up to 1/4″ in diameter without use of a strainer.

National Foam’s HI-EX® Water Powered High Expansion Foam Generators are designed to achieve expansion rates of 350 to 600 gallons of foam for every one gallon of foam solution, depending on the generator selected, solution flow rate and operating pressure. This expansion ratio provides the optimum combination of expansion, wetness and water retention needed for fire performance.

The high ratio of expansion of the high expansion generator is achieved by spraying foam solution into a stainless steel screen and forcing the solution through the screen with a high velocity air stream to produce a mass of foam bubbles. A water motor driven fan, powered by the foam solution used to create the high expansion foam, is used to produce the required air stream. This allows the water powered high expansion generator to be a self-contained unit requiring no external power for operation. With the continuous flow of the foam solution and movement of air through the screen, large volumes of expanded foam can be generated.

National Foam HI-EX® Foam Concentrate is an environmentally responsible foaming agent designed to be used with National Foam’s high expansion foam generating equipment.