Aer-O-Foam® XLX

Aer-O-Foam XLX-3%
Aer-O-Foam XLX-6%

  • Stable long-lasting foam blanket provides excellent burnback resistance
  • Highly resistant to fuel contamination
  • Suitable for use with fresh or sea water
  • Compatible with standard proportioning and air aspirating foam making devices
  • Suitable for use with foam compatible dry powder extinguishing agents

Aer-O-Foam® XLX is a superior quality fluoroprotein foam concentrate used to extinguish fires in hydrocarbon fuels.

Aer-O-Foam XLX is manufactured utilizing a unique process which produces unmatched quality protein hydrolysate to form the foundation for the concentrate formulation.

The protein base provides a long lasting stable foam blanket, highly resistive to the effects of heat. This prevents reignition and enhances burnback resistance. Fluorochemical surfactant additives are combined with the protein base to increase fluidity of the foam enabling it to seal around obstructions.